Shared Savings/Losses

Shared Savings and Losses
Aggregate Amount of Shared Savings/Losses
Performance year 1: $1,400,147.65
Performance year 2: $4,995,983.45
Performance year 3: To be updated in 2019
Shared Savings Distribution
Reinvest in infrastructure to support quality patient care: 100%
Distribution to ACO participants: 0%
Primary Care Professionals: 0%
Specialists: 0%
Hospitals: 0%
Quality Measure Performance Year 1 2016
For Performance Year 1 (2016), Next Generation ACOs are required to be able to report on 33 quality measures. Bellin Health Partners scored 100% by completely and accurately reporting on all of the quality measures for the 2016 performance year.
Quality Measure Performance Year 2 2017