Medicare Shared Savings Program Enhanced Track

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Bellin Health Partners, Inc.

P.O. Box 1683

744 S. Webster Ave

Green Bay, WI 54305-1683


Naomi Wedin

Executive Director



Organizational Information: 

ACO Participants: (pending)


There are no joint ventures between Bellin Health Partners and their Preferred and Participating Providers.


Key Clinical and Administrative Leadership:

Our leadership includes:


Associated Committees and Committee Leadership

BHP Board of Directors

Saied Assef, MD, Bellin Anesthesia Associates - President

Cynthia Lasecki, MD, Bellin Health - Vice-President

Michael Hodulik, MD, Bellin Health -  Secretary

Karla Parmentier - Medicare Beneficiary Representative

Tammy Blom, Green Bay Plastic Surgery Associates

Jim Dietsche, Bellin Health

Naciye Kalafat, MD, Bellin Health

Ken Kleist, MD, Bellin Health

Charlie Pan, MD, Radiology Oncology Specialists

Maureen Phillips, MD, Bellin Health

Tim Tanke, MD, Bellin Health

Tom Veeser, RN, MS, Holy Family Memorial

Brad Wozney, MD, Bellin Health



Shared Savings/Losses - Pending


Quality - Pending


Payment Rule Waivers - Pending